ISO Certification

Baywest’s facility in British Columbia, Canada, is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. We’ve undergone the rigorous process of achieving this certification to ensure that our products and our procedures fulfill our customer’s requirements for quality products manufactured in an environmentally sustainable way.

ISO is short for International Standards Organization, which represents more than 100 member countries. Each country has a representative. This group determines the standards required for Certification to the family of ISO Standards. The rules are updated, as the requirements motivate changes over time. Being ISO certified means that a BFM has a documented management system that conforms to the international standards that are set by this international organization.

We actively work to continually improve the effectiveness of our performance in the areas of quality, productivity, efficiency, cost reduction, safety and environmental impact. Being certified to ISO standards means Big Foot has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate that it is capable of effectively meeting customer and regulatory requirements. As such, our customers will get what they expect in the product they buy because the methods used to procure, produce inspect and deliver are consistently applied.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification addresses the company’s quality management, which means what our organization does to fulfill:

  • the customer’s quality requirements, and
  • applicable regulatory requirements, while aiming to
  • enhance customer satisfaction, and
  • achieve continual improvement of its performance in pursuit of these objectives.
Baywest ISO 9001 certification

ISO 14001

Baywest Manufacturing Inc (Formerly Big Foot Manufacturing Inc) has been producing our products in an environmentally responsible manner that meets international standards for a more than a decade. ISO 14001 certification addresses the company’s environmental management, which means what our organization does to:

  • minimize harmful effects on the environment caused by its activities, and to
  • achieve continual improvement of its environmental performance.
Baywest ISO 14001 certification

We are committed to the manufacture and delivery of log homes and related products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectation for quality. If you would like a copy of our Certification, please contact us.


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